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Please verify that you have provided the correct address with your order.  

If you provide an incorrect address we are charged by our shipper a 

$25.00 address correction fee. Unfortunately we must pass this charge onto you. 

Your acceptance of your order and your successful payment will grant us permission 

to collect the necessary address correction fee should you provide an incorrect address. 

We're always happy to take your order over the phone if you prefer at (352) 729-2309

Our office hours vary.  If you reach a recorder, PLEASE leave a message for a return call

Canned Chowder Info


  • Canned product is condensed. Please follow the label instructions on the can to achieve Tony’s perfectly balanced flavor. (15oz can) Add half & half and a tablespoon of butter. (51oz can) Add half and half and heavy cream.

  • We cannot ship to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, APO New York, or International at this time.

  • 2 year shelf life in the can

  • Non-perishable until you open the can

  • Orders shipped within 4 days of payment

  • No PO Box shipping due to FedEx requirements

  • Easy transport and great for gift giving

  • We’ll happily include a greeting card with gift orders, just ask.

  • Feel free to order in multiples, and just advise us of all the shipping addresses.

  • One shipping price for all zones


Shipping/Delivery Notice


We typically email FedEx tracking numbers to you after your purchase. We also track packages to ensure their delivery. We maintain responsibility until the package is delivered. Please note that once a package has been delivered to the location that you have requested, we cannot be held responsible for missing packages. A successful FedEx confirmation of package delivery ends our responsibility. We have no control over what happens when a package is left at your door. If you request your shipment to be hand delivered to a recipient w/ signature- you will need to let us know that prior to its being shipped out of our facility. Please be aware of your delivery & it’s acceptance at your requested destination/ location. Although we are sorry if your package is missing after delivery- we urge you to call your local authorities & call FedEx at 800-463-3339 & report the issue to file the necessary claim(s). Thank you.

Canned Product Notice


All our products are pre-inspected prior to packaging & shipping. We go to great lengths in packaging to ensure our cans arrive in acceptable condition. It is always a possibility that during transport minor dents & dings may occur due to handling. Most of these are merely cosmetic, and will in no way affect the safety of consumption. Only canned products that are swollen, pierced, or loosened at the seam should be discarded. The United States Department of Agriculture states, “If a can containing food has a small dent, but is otherwise in good shape, the food should be safe to eat.” We do not and cannot guarantee that each can unit we sell will arrive in perfect condition.   Some occasional irregularities should be expected.  Today's canned products are housed in very thin and easy to bend, ding, or even dent aluminum.   Should you encounter any issues that need to be addressed, please contact us at:              or call us at (352) 729-2309. PLEASE NOTE that We may require photographs of the packaging with the cans in question.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee replacements or refunds unless the product is swollen, pierced, or loosened at the seams.

Your purchase of our product will be considered acceptance of this policy on product conditions.

Thank you for your understanding

Product & Purchase Acceptance Agreement

     We appreciate your desire to explore and purchase our products.  Your purchase is considered acceptance of this product agreement.

     Although we strive for total product satisfaction that is not always possible with today's varied consumer palates.

     Tony's products are inspired with flavor.  We use certain key ingredients to enhance flavor.  We are not traditional and we cannot Guarantee 100% product acceptance.

     We also have additives that are essential to canning.  These are unavoidable.

      Please carefully govern your dietary needs.

     We also cannot guarantee that our products will be to your liking.

      Product returns will not be accepted.  Should you find one or more of our products unacceptable, please donate any unused or unopened product.  We will not accept product returns or grant refunds simply due to unfavorable expectations.

     Please follow the directions on the label and note that our products are condensed.  The addition of dairy is essential to a quality experience.

     Thank you for your understanding.

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